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Friday, March 25, 2005

Boy's got a new toy!

I am one of those few guys when I say, "Whoah baby, what headlights" I will actually be talking about a car. I have always been enamoured by technology since I could remember. I guess I am a natural born geek. Whenever we would go for vacation, the family would be busy taking in the scenic beauty of the place being visited while I would be busy in the local gadget shops. For a while now, I had been lusting after the Nokia 9500  and finally I decided on some self indulgence and purchased it. I did have some pre-purchase dissonance as to whether I should go for the P910i or the Nokia 9500, the true geek in me advised to opt for the P910i for its lighter, has better battery life and is touch-screen but alas I am not a true geek per se, I am a geek with an attitude, the personification of which is the phone. The Nokia 9500 screams, "I am big, mean and you can't afford me. I am untouchable mate!!" and that is what drew me to it. The 9500 is an excellent phone and is definitely an extension of my personality in an electronic form. It was love at first sight I tell ya.


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