Unadulterated Arrogance

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Walmart issue.

Walmart has been accused of treading on the toes of their workforce by providing non-competitive compensation packages. Lefties worldwide are waging a war against the behemoth whose only crime is of making customer the king.

The leftist hue and cry for the 'poor mistreated workforce' is not without reason. Granted Walmart's compensation package is nothing to talk about but then again nobody is forcing people to work at Walmart and this is evident from the kilometre long queues for walk-in interviews whenever a new Walmart outlet is opened. Every human being has a price and this intrinsic value is defined by an individual himself taking into consideration his abilities and his present predicament. Nobody will work below their intrinsic price that they themselves have put on their heads. Its no secret that the workers at Walmart are no rocket scientists, they deserve the salary due to them. I am paid well, if I were to go and hump a whore and got a bill from her, my company would write it off as 'Entertainment Expenses'... Why? because I am good and I am productive.. the not so rocket scientists at Walmart deserve what they get and should stop dreaming of largesse until and unless they are educated and productive.

The middle of the 20th century witnessed a manufacturing boom and it were the manufacturers that decided the price back then but with the advent of entities like Walmart, the retailers are the ones who decide the selling price; the selling price of the retailers in turn is decided directly by the consumers. Selling price of products at Walmart is comparatively cheaper than anywhere else and this is accentuated by a no frills working atmosphere . If all the employees were given a BMW for conveyance, the same overheads would be passed onto the consumer thereby making Walmart less competitive in the retail industry and thus they would be forced to shut shop which would lead to mass unemployment, this would further be a burden on society and these same people will either resort to crime or work for even lower wages till rehabilitation. Profit motive is the only reason behind every economic activity and sooner the lefties realize it, the better it is.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Boy's got a new toy!

I am one of those few guys when I say, "Whoah baby, what headlights" I will actually be talking about a car. I have always been enamoured by technology since I could remember. I guess I am a natural born geek. Whenever we would go for vacation, the family would be busy taking in the scenic beauty of the place being visited while I would be busy in the local gadget shops. For a while now, I had been lusting after the Nokia 9500  and finally I decided on some self indulgence and purchased it. I did have some pre-purchase dissonance as to whether I should go for the P910i or the Nokia 9500, the true geek in me advised to opt for the P910i for its lighter, has better battery life and is touch-screen but alas I am not a true geek per se, I am a geek with an attitude, the personification of which is the phone. The Nokia 9500 screams, "I am big, mean and you can't afford me. I am untouchable mate!!" and that is what drew me to it. The 9500 is an excellent phone and is definitely an extension of my personality in an electronic form. It was love at first sight I tell ya.

Friday, March 18, 2005

The casting couch.

  • Scene 1: A well known actor is seen mingling with an up and coming actress in a hotel suite.
  • Scene 2: Slowly but steadily he plays his card at debauching her; for services rendered, the well known actor will make the aspiring actress a 'star'
  • Scene 3: The upcoming actress is in fact an undercover reporter, the events that unfolded in the hotel room are then splashed across the papers the next day and a tirade against the casting couch in the Movie Industry is on.

Why is it that the tirade against the casting couch in the movie industry is always from the headquarters of the moral police rather than the victims themselves? Well it is so because there are no victims, that is why. When you go to a car showroom to buy a brand new car, you see, you buy what you like,pay for it and then drive away in your dream car. In the movie industry, the struggling actor's desire is of fame and fortune, the currency used in the purchase of this dream is usually amoral favours. If the aspiring actor/actress is able to achieve their dreams albeit in a shady manner; then why is it that the moral police is crying foul. The aspirant if he/she were sure of their abilities would not succumb to the pressures of the casting couch and would walk the moral high-ground, those who succumb to the pressures are not talented enough to make it on their own and hence owing to lack of confidence they use the amoral currencies at their disposal for the barter involving their dreams.

Casting couch is not immoral, its quid pro quo i.e favours for favour. The actors are not complaining, in exchange for their 'favours' they benefit from a benevolent godfather who can make them overnight stars; its capitalistic commercialisation at its best. So why is the moral police berating the said practice?.. because there is publicity involved. If it were not so, the moral police would be exercising their clout where it really matters i.e. the cause of the ordinary girl next door who has to go through harassment at her very ordinary job..but no!!!the whole world listens only when stars are involved so lets just forget the hassles of the ordinary girl next door and focus on the already immoral sluts of the movie industry.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Making sense of sensitivity.

"You insensitive jerk!", If you are a male aged between 1 and 299, the chances of you being told the same by someone from the opposite sex; be it your mother, wife, girl, sister or even your cleaning lady is a 100 percent. The fairer sex accuse us of insensitivity but are all males insensitive? Is it the genetic make up of us guys that is the cause of this phenomenon?... Is there a special insensitive gene in us?.... well no, its not that we are not insensitive, its just that we don't see eye to eye with females on what constitutes sensitivity and what does not.

Laughing at the wet eyed females in the theatre when the Titanic has just sunk is not insensitive; its just natural. I mean when you see a group of women crying at the climax of a movie, your natural reaction is to laugh at this absurdity. Women find this insensitive whereas we guys don't. We just differ with them on certain mundane things which does not merit an iota of attention which they spend hours on. My mother's driver was ill and being the 'sensitive' son that I am; I was driving her to work when we saw a huge car wreck. My natural reaction was, 'Oh no!, the Benz is wrecked!!'... and it started the ball rolling as in, "how insensitive you are ?" .. for heavens sake, even the guy who had the accident must have been more worried about the Merc than himself.. I know I would be... So you see its not that we are not sensitive, we just differ with you on what is sensitive and what is not... and if you still think you know a guy who is completely sensitive, well then, he is either gay or he is trying to sleep with you. The possibility of the latter is a much higher probability mind you.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Megalomaniacal Meanderings

During the depths of darkness,
in my deepest despondency
I enter the hitherto unchartered territory;

I see before my eyes a world,
a world full of havoc and destruction
and lo and behold
rises a ruler, a lord, an overlord;
a king who is the epitome of bestiality,
clad in royal robes, and with the sceptre in hand;
with an iron fist he rules over the land.

And in the course of time,
the barren lands are evergreen again,
camaraderie and bonhomie is the order of the day
and in the flash of a second;
I open my eyes, my hands reach for the sceptre
and though I am unable to grasp it,
my thoughts fall upon the vision that was,
which foretold what my destiny is to be.