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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

King of the Blogs

I am the king of the world and hence by default I am the king of the blogs as well but alas the peasants don't reason so and as ludicrous as it may seem I am embroiled in a tournament to rightly reclaim what is already mine. I shall refrain from linking to the judges viz. Bad Example, News from the great beyond, Smarter Cop, Ogre to gain favour in their books for I tread the moral high-ground in my quest for the crown.

Am already leading by a huge margin in the polls; my royal sycophants have done their job quite well and will be rightly rewarded at the opportune time. The next hurdle it seems before I retake my crown is to answer a challenge question which is to "Explain the theory of blogativity."  I shall do this by quoting the essay of a great personality on the said topic; namely myself.

The theory of blogativity was formulated by the late professor Albert 'Eyestrain' (rumour has it that the professor got the nickname as a result of his peeping through keyholes, well that's another post another day).

This theory simply put in layman's terms would be that, as blogging reaches the speed of light, relevance reaches zero.
 i.e. When B = L, R=0 Where B denotes blogging, L denotes speed of light and R is for relevance.

But the testing of the hypothesis is quite difficult for the requisites of the same cannot be achieved under laboratory conditions. So in such a circumstance the only solution is to extrapolate results from the universal truths already accepted by the scientific community viz.

  • Light is faster than Sound
  • In Blogging, one 'voices' or 'speaks' out ones thoughts

So when one blogs at the speed of light, you see before you think. As your thought is based on the little voices in your head and since light is faster that sound, you will see before your hear. Hence the mathematical probability of you seeing wrong is 99.63%; for your cognition process would be initiated before the little voices in your head have time to form the right  image that you ought to see which results in irrelevance i.e. R=0; in other words relevance becomes zero. Thus the hypothesis is tested successfully and the professor's theory is proven accurately.


  • Ah well, "king of Blogs", thanks for dropping by at mine ;-).

    Somehow though, the footballers you support aren't exactly "royal" in any way are they? :D

    At Anfield as well as at Old Trafford, I really wonder which bunch of footballers felt like kings after the match :D

    By Blogger Darth Midnightmare, at 2/10/2005 10:46:00 PM  

  • Grr... next time we meet manure will be flushed at oldtoilet... Liverpool has more class than Man United can ever dream of.. and yes, even kings have a bad hair day and one loss to you guys wont change the fact that liverpool is a class act.

    By Blogger injinuity, at 2/10/2005 11:14:00 PM  

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