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Saturday, February 05, 2005

F1 - new drivers onboard

Dubbed 'the fastest Indian on wheels' by the media, Narain Karthikayan;  takes one stride up the escalator and joins Jordan. Well in a country that is so bloody focussed on a sport as obtuse as cricket, the omens are good for formula one as with the induction of an Indian in the F1 circuit the interest for the same will be augmented... but alas this is where the good part ends for me. I can never root for my country-man as though I am an Indian by birth, I am a tifosi by choice... I shall never laud him on as long as his eyes are not red, as long as he is not inflicted by scarlet fever; as long as the prancing horse is not tattooed on his bi-ceps (F1 drivers have to be puny to reduce the total weight of the car, so your ceps will do fine); as long as he doesn't sit behind the wheel of Scuderia Ferrari you my friend are just another back-marker for Schumi to overtake.... Ferrari I love you !!


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