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Friday, February 04, 2005

Blog designs

I keep being questioned as to why I don't have a custom blog design of my own rather than using one of bloggers default templates. It seems that even the grandma next door has a custom design or a desgin that is altered to her own taste so then how come a technocrat alike myself hasn't done the same. The answer to this is very simple, its the same answer that I give old friends who meet me after years and tell me that "you crazy son of a gun you haven't changed at all"; the answer being that, 'Perfection should not be tinkered with', as you cannot improve upon perfection its futile to tinker with it.

This template that I am using was designed by Dan Cederholm and is close to perfection. The layout is clean and the fonts are big and legible yet not too bulky, the colour combination is perfect and looks classy; which is the exact impression that I want to make. So the probability of me making a custom design is quite remote unless Dan makes a custom design for me of course..  are you listening Dan? ;-)


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