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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Ring tones

When it comes to gadgets, like any other contemporary uber geek; I too drool... the rule of thumb being that the latest in technology is generally superior to its predecessor. But then again there are exceptions to every rule. I have had mobile phones dating back to the brick like models of the early era, I have kept pace with the developments in the mobile technologies and have been satisfied with all the innovations; except for one that is; viz. 'Polyphonic tones'. I came across this hideous noise a few years ago on a panasonic phone. The first time I heard it I was hoping that it would be just some passing fad and that the plebeians will get over it.. alas it was not meant to be... The polyphonic tones are here to stay... I'm of the opinion that it is extremely unprofessional and immature to use polyphonic tones... if you are 14 years old and are enamoured by it you are forgiven but when an executive uses these tones; I lose respect then and there... I love the ordinary monophonic 'ring ring' tones rather than these childish musical concoctions called polyphonic tones. But it has to be said that polyphonic tones are not the culprit per se but its the misuse of the same thats the bone of my contention. There are many a professional polyphonic 'ring ring' tones out there on my website which I too don't mind using.


  • I know where that's coming from...While I do agree with you that the majority of the ring tones out there are substandard, some are really good. Also, if you like the 'ring ring' tones, get yourself one of those old back phones that made these noises.

    By Blogger Raju, at 12/06/2004 07:15:00 AM  

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