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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Bye bye Miss vocabular-ie

As an adolescent I took pains to strengthen my vocabulary, I was hoping it would pay off in the future. So I became a stickler for the proper usage of words, I refused to get of my high horse with respect to the English vocabulary and it did pay off. I became the editor of the school and college magazines. Won numerous toastmasters and elocution contests and masteries over the English language does help in the professional spheres of life too. But since arriving in Qatar my lingo is on a downfall, "you go, he go, everybody go" pretty much sums up my vocabulary now. The main issue here is that English is relegated to fourth place after Arabic, Hindi and Malayalam... and hence the reason for my vocabulary woes.... but I have to acknowledge that its my own wrong doing. Rather than going with the flow, I should once again strengthen my vocabulary and be a stickler for the proper usage of words even though it might result in my linguistic isolation.


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