Unadulterated Arrogance

Thursday, December 30, 2004

In retrospect

We are at the fag end of 2004, a day and a half later a new era dawns and as I bid farewell to the current year; my thoughts fall upon the year that was and I look retrospectively viz-a-viz:

  • Finances: Its very materialistic of me but whenever I look back retrospectively the first point of analysis is always the finances and it supersedes all other priorities, but then again I want a Bentley, a pure gold Rolex and a yacht. 2004 was very good financially, earned a lot, spend even more especially on investments back home in the form of real estate. I can never be satisfied with monetary gains but suffice to say that 2004 was not a bad deal. In addition to the Admin dept. I am now also heading the Operations dept.

  • Emotionally: 2004 proved to be a roller coaster ride for me emotionally. From highs to one of the lowest points in my 26 year history. The passing away of my baby girl; my grandmother was of a magnitude of a total 10.0 on the J-emotional scale. It has had a profound and everlasting impact on my life.

  • Spiritually: Well I have come more closer to God and am at ease but I still don't prefer going to church here in Qatar as the Church here seems to have more politics around it than the parliament. I miss my chapel in college which was calm and serene; which you could walk into any given time and sit in solitude and be one with God.

  • Personally: Life hasn't changed or rather I have not changed much. Still with the "too many women, too little time" attitude. Still too scared of commitments, I cannot commit for fear of falling out of it... but as of late I think I should follow the old adage that says its better to have loved and lost rather than not to have loved at all.. the coming year I intend to change this equation once and for all.

As I go into the new year, I have no regrets and no albatross around my neck. I look forward to the new year and am hoping that it will be a prosperous one.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Taking The Christ out of Christmas

As of late, Christmas has begun to lose its sheen and I find the event a little lacklustre; and no this has nothing to do with my recent realization that though Santa Claus is real, Rudolph 'The Red Nose' Rain deer is a fictional character and in all probability Santa flew the skies in his modified Falcon F-16's sans Rudolph. Anyways, I attribute this loss of Christmas spirit to two predominant reasons. The former one being the extreme commercialization of Christmas and the latter one being politically correct with respect to Christmas.

Being a capitalistic right-winger myself, commercialization of Christmas is something that I don't speak against for if a buck is to be made then so be it. My gripe is with the politically correct people who are shunning "Merry Christmas" signs with "Happy Holidays" signs. Across the Western Hemisphere, singing of Christmas Carols and any reference to Jesus Christ is a strict no no as it might offend the minorities. I for one celebrate all the Muslim, Hindu, Jewish festivals and I have no objection to the religious undertones of these festivals. All other religious communities are proud of their heritage and culture and celebrate the same with zest and vigour but Christians in trying to be politically correct are effectively taking The Christ out of Christmas and this has to stop pronto.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

A silent supernova

The mother of all P2P sites, SuprNova.org was on life support system since the Federal Bureau of Idiots working hand in glove with the RIAA/MPAA went on a P2P crusade; a few days earlier it was taken off the life support system, the official death being registered in the early hours of December 19th. SuprNova.org was the most popular BitTorrent file sharing site. BitTorrent speeds file transfers by segmenting content and downloading parts from multiple users rather than a single server. As you receive a file, so other BitTorrent users are able to grab it from you in the same way. The idea is to ensure a more even sharing of bandwidth between participants... ironic, but supernova went away silently sans the big bang. Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, SuprNova.org may you rest in peace.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Man's best friend.

This is my blog and I don't like anyone else hogging the limelight but I recently came across an article by Dave Barry in the Houston Chronicle about his love for dogs; myself being a dog lover and concurring with all his statements I couldn't resist posting the article.
I'm trying to convince my wife that we need a dog. If we're visiting someone's home, and I suddenly experience a sensation of humid warmth, and I look down and see that my right arm has disappeared up to the elbow inside the mouth of a dog the size of a medium horse, I am not alarmed. I know that this is simply how a large, friendly dog says: "Greetings! You have a pleasing salty taste!"

I respond by telling the dog that he is a GOOD BOY and pounding him with hearty blows, blows that would flatten a cat like a hairy pancake, but which only make the dog like me more. He likes me so much that he goes and gets his Special Toy. This is something that used to be a recognizable object - a stuffed animal, a basketball, a Federal Express driver - but has long since been converted, through countless hours of hard work on the dog's part, into a random wad of filth held together by 73 gallons of congealed dog spit.

"GIVE ME THAT!" I shout, grabbing an end of the Special Toy. This pleases the dog: It confirms his belief that his Special Toy is the most desirable item in the universe, more desirable even than the corpse of a squirrel. For several seconds we fight for this prize, the dog whipping his head side to side like a crazed windshield wiper. Finally I yank the Special Toy free and hold it triumphantly aloft. The dog watches it with laser-beam concentration, his entire body vibrating with excitement, waiting for me to throw it ... waiting ... waiting ... until finally I cock my arm, and, with a quick motion I ... fake a throw. I'm still holding the Special Toy. But WHOOOSH the dog has launched himself across the room, an unguided pursuit missile, reaching a velocity of 75 miles per hour before WHAM he slams headfirst into the wall at the far end of the room. This stimulates the M-size clump of nerve cells that serves as a dog's brain to form a thought: The Special Toy is not here! WHERE IS THE SPECIAL TOY??

The dog whirls, sees the toy in my hand and races back across the room. Just as he reaches me, I cock my arm and ... fake another throw. WHOOOSH! WHAM! I can keep faking throws until the dog has punched a dog-shaped hole completely through the far wall, and the dog will STILL sprint back to me, sincerely believing that THIS time, I'm going to throw the toy. This is one reason that I love dogs.

My wife, who would not touch the Special Toy with a barge pole, is less impressed. Oh, I've tried to explain the advantages of having a dog. For example: A dog is always ready. It doesn't matter for what: Dogs are just "ready." If you leave your car window open, the dog will leap into the car and sit there for hours. It will sit there for days, if you let it. Because the dog knows that sometimes the car just "starts moving," and you have to be ready! Usually the dog will sit in the driver's seat, in case (You never know!) the dog is called upon to steer.

There are many more practical benefits provided by dogs, and I have tried pointing them out to my wife, but she doesn't see it. This is why, in our house, we have fish. They're nice fish, but they're not a whole lot of fun. Although they are excellent drivers.
- Dave Barry, The Houston Chronicle

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Blasphemy !!

I have blasphemed, I have broken two of the prominent commandments of the Gible (Geek Bible) viz.
1. Thou shalt not permit another man to repair/covet your computer.
2. Thou shalt never use Internet Explorer for surfing.

Oh Geek God, I implore... forgive my act of sacrilege. The greatest sin as per the Gible is to allow another man to touch ones computer, I didn't mean to but alas I was left with no other alternative. For what its worth the engineer at the service centre too couldn't repair it without my assistance and hence the unholy incident thou it occurred, it occurred in my presence; so kindly forgive my first sin. Oh Geek God, you know that I'm pious and I detest the evil empire headed by the beast Internet Explorer and also that I only use Opera for my web surfing needs. But sans my computer; I went to an Internet Cafe which didn't have Opera installed and hence I was forced to use Internet Explorer. I know I have sinned and I seek your forgiveness.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


"So learn this as a first lesson about life. The only successful beings in any field, including living itself, are those who have a professional viewpoint and make themselves and ARE professionals" — L. Ron Hubbard

It saddens me to say this but there is a dearth of professionalism in Qatar. Anything I do, I do it as a Professional to Professional standards; but alas professionalism is an antiquated theory in this part of the world. I remember an instance when I was new to Qatar and had gone to buy a car, the showroom had a fleet of cars, there were numerous salesmen on the floor but I had to keep calling them to answer a few queries that I had, such were the responses that I was flabbergasted and left hastily. Were I in India, the moment I stepped into the showroom, a salesman would have marked me out and would be with me toe to toe and would make a worthwhile attempt at selling the car. There is a lot of money at play in Qatar yet the levels of professionalism exhibited are substandard. The disintegration of the levels of professionalism has been augmented by two expatriate nationalities in particular (whom I will not name for the sake of diplomacy)....But the bottom line is that with Qatar hosting international events like the Asian games and the Motor GP, there should be a sustained effort on the part of the government and the local companies to improve the levels of professionalism.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Merseyside Derby

A true kop will tell you that beating the blue noses at the Merseyside derby is as important as winning the premiership itself. Alas we lost this time to Everton by a solitary goal. After every derby the victorious scion kop will be heard singing, "You will never walk alone" or "Liverbird on my chest" but this time around the ooters got us, they were chanting... "Rafael Beneath-us" mocking our boss Rafael Benitez. The bookmakers odds on us winning the title are increasing steadily and I too don't fancy our chances much but on a brighter note we are in the last stages of the champions league and hopefully we will win it.
"We have the best two teams at Merseyside; Liverpool and Liverpool reserves" - Bill Shankly

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Narcissistic Overtures

Narcissism on overdrive now!.. My desktop wallpaper. Nuff Said.

[best viewed when used with silver theme in windows XP, stretch the wallpaper]

Saturday, December 11, 2004

What every guy wants...

1. A girl who can cook well

2. A girl who earns good money

3. A girl who loves him

4. An environment to make sure these three girls never meet

Bye bye Miss vocabular-ie

As an adolescent I took pains to strengthen my vocabulary, I was hoping it would pay off in the future. So I became a stickler for the proper usage of words, I refused to get of my high horse with respect to the English vocabulary and it did pay off. I became the editor of the school and college magazines. Won numerous toastmasters and elocution contests and masteries over the English language does help in the professional spheres of life too. But since arriving in Qatar my lingo is on a downfall, "you go, he go, everybody go" pretty much sums up my vocabulary now. The main issue here is that English is relegated to fourth place after Arabic, Hindi and Malayalam... and hence the reason for my vocabulary woes.... but I have to acknowledge that its my own wrong doing. Rather than going with the flow, I should once again strengthen my vocabulary and be a stickler for the proper usage of words even though it might result in my linguistic isolation.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

TCS powered Ferrari

TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), one of India's leading I.T companies and Scuderia Ferrari have concluded a deal whereby teams of engineers and specialists from TCS will provide IT and engineering services for the development of the Formula 1 racing car for the next racing season beginning March 2005. In addition TCS solutions will also be part of the racing car's popular cousin, the Ferrari sports car; have to admit this news makes me proud to be an Indian. The 2005 season is sure going to be interesting, but when alls said and done; Schumi will be seen punching into the air and taking the lap of honours while myself and the rest of the tifosi stand up in jubilation with red painted faces and applaud the prancing horse and co.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

At peace with Pinochet

His Excellency General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte; one of the greatest economic reformers of the last century has been persecuted enough. If it weren't for Pinochet, Chile would have been ruled by the leftist parasites. It was he who introduced economic deregulation and privatization. My request to all the leftists out there is to stop persecuting the octogenarian who is a poor semblance of his erstwhile self. He is a victim of human rights violation himself. Why is it that he was the first to be tried under "Universal Jurisdiction" clause since WW II. Why was the 'statue of limitation' not taken into consideration or for that matter diplomatic immunity of the dignitary. Let bygones be bygones for he doesn't even recall the charges levelled against him on account of senile decay, so please let the poor old man spend his twilight years in peace.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Ring tones

When it comes to gadgets, like any other contemporary uber geek; I too drool... the rule of thumb being that the latest in technology is generally superior to its predecessor. But then again there are exceptions to every rule. I have had mobile phones dating back to the brick like models of the early era, I have kept pace with the developments in the mobile technologies and have been satisfied with all the innovations; except for one that is; viz. 'Polyphonic tones'. I came across this hideous noise a few years ago on a panasonic phone. The first time I heard it I was hoping that it would be just some passing fad and that the plebeians will get over it.. alas it was not meant to be... The polyphonic tones are here to stay... I'm of the opinion that it is extremely unprofessional and immature to use polyphonic tones... if you are 14 years old and are enamoured by it you are forgiven but when an executive uses these tones; I lose respect then and there... I love the ordinary monophonic 'ring ring' tones rather than these childish musical concoctions called polyphonic tones. But it has to be said that polyphonic tones are not the culprit per se but its the misuse of the same thats the bone of my contention. There are many a professional polyphonic 'ring ring' tones out there on my website which I too don't mind using.

Friday, December 03, 2004

FIFA footballer of the year.

The 2004, FIFA footballer of the year, to be announced this December 20th comprises the trio of Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry and Andriy Shevchenko.

I am not nostradamus, neither am I a gypsy with a crystal ball but this is what I foresee. A.C Milans Andriy Shevchenko will win the coveted title. Ronaldinho has been a man on a mission since his arrival at the Nou Camp from PSG and is the reason behind Barcelona's current form but he is still quite young and lacks that finesse,Thierry Henry helped Aresenal to the premiership last year with around 30 goals but any player from the English Premier League other than a Liverpool player shall never get my vote of confidence... which leaves just Shevchenko; he has been a prolific goal scorer for Milan the last few years, he is no one hit wonder. He has finesse, class and above all, he has heart. So my buck is on the Ukranian.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


I have a lot of lebaneese mates and I find that my lingo is now being heavily influenced by these blokes.... well I don't mind the influence actually as hanging with them my arabic has also improved remarkably and what the heck for free lebaneese bread I wouldn't mind total domination of my lingo either.. Lebaneese bread is palatable, I'm trying to get one of them to go back home for a vacation and bring loads of lebaneese bread.. yella, salaam.