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Friday, November 19, 2004

Western Culture, or lack thereof

The Indian diaspora is instilled with a sense of heritage and culture that is imbibed from birth I suppose. I have lived in India only for a few years but the heritage and respect for tradition is still there.

I find that the moral/traditional/religious values are on a decline worldwide and in particular the western world. My major gripes include the disdain with which the sanctity of matrimony is treated. When you say, "I do" .. its supposed to be till death do us apart rather than till "the next babe comes along". There is also no respect for ones old folks or the family structure as such. Parents get old; and they are just shunned to a nursing home. In the western world if one talks about religion you are percieved to be some hardliner from a remote village without access to the 'real world'.

Even back home in India, the number of divorces are on an increase; the number of nursing homes for old folks are also on an increase as well as a decline in religious and moral values. Its very saddening to note these changes and if something is not done in the near future the repercussions will be so huge that norms of society as we know it will have been impaired beyond cognition.

But the above noted phenomenon has had a surge in the western world comparitively to the asian countries. I guess there should be education at the root levels to imbibe the culture and heritage amongst the youth.


  • Well, divorce is liberty too! Liberty of sharing your life with whom you love, or not to share it, or not to molest the other...
    As a traveler to India, I understand marriage has not the same value and meaning as in Europe nowadays. There, it conveys a mystical idea as well as an economical/social accomplishment. So some friends of mine there aren't bothered about that conception but for example one is SC or BC and is in love with a brahmin girl... tough luck. She attempted suicide already because they couldn't marry. In Europe since the 50s it is more of a love thing, self-realization, happy partaking of life. In some way it lowers social tensions.

    By Blogger kale-e-do-scope, at 12/08/2004 03:16:00 AM  

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