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Friday, November 12, 2004


The last few days, I have been feeling extremely vulnerable.. I still haven't gotten over the passing away of my princess. I think the realization of it reached the zenith this thursday night... me and a couple of my cousins went to play pool at hotshots and the topic soon changed to princess... and I was overwhelmed with emotion that we left in between...

I'm not prone to emotional swings or depression; this I achieve by using a mild form of narcissistic block, the depressing thoughts are blocked out with thoughts of grandeur or with more pleasant or other prominent concerns. But alas I'm unable to do this presently as there is/was/will never be someone or something more prominent than my princess and hence I too fell prey to depression which I completely loathe as the level of confidence becomes slightly lower, Owing to Eid Holidays I should be able to rest and be back at my arrogant best in the near future.


  • Salaam Alaikum Jinu,

    Sorry to hear how the loss of your dear grandmother has affected you. It is normal to have ups and downs -- even when you think you have your emotions under control. It will just take more time and the faith to know that she is in Allah's hands now and insha'Allah you will be rejoined with her one day.

    I suffered the loss of my closest friend (about 4 weeks ago) and recently have undergone an emotional setback. It is hard for me to believe that Marcia is gone from this earth and I so dearly miss my best friend. I tear up when I think about her and even while I am writing this. But I also know that this confirms that I have known a great friend and shared a loving relationship with her. That is what will comfort me in the long run.

    Try to remember the sweet and funny things about your beloved princess. talk them out with your friends and family. In time you will draw great strength from having had her in your life so many years.

    Take care dear,

    By Blogger peacefulmuslimah, at 11/19/2004 04:25:00 PM  

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