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Friday, November 19, 2004

Rock on ..

There are only two genres of music in this world; Hard Rock and Soft Rock, everything else is just the pure prostitution of music. Outlined below are a compilation of the top twenty all time greatest hits in my opinion.

    1. Stairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin
    2. Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana
    3. I'd do anything for love - Meatloaf
    4. Nothing else matters - Metallica
    5. Soldier of fortune: Deep Purple
    6. Hotel California - The Eagles
    7. Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams
    8. November Rain - Guns N Roses
    9. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
    10. Highway to hell - AC/DC
    11. Fear of the dark - Iron Maiden
    12. Winds of changes - The Scorpions
    13. Rock of ages - Def Leppard
    14. Crazy - Aerosmith
    15. MotoPsycho - Megadeth
    16. Hard days night - The Beatles
    17. Nightcrawler - Judas Priest
    18. Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen
    19. When doves cry - Lenny Kravitz
    20. Psycho Circus - KISS

Apologies fly out to Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Alice Cooper, Jimi Hendrix, C.C.R, Ozzy, Foo Fighters, The Rolling Stones, Bryan May, Great White, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, The Who, Pearl Jam and a host of other rockers for not being able to include you all in my top twenty. (not that it makes a god damn difference to your already successful careers)

P.S: Subscriptions now open to "Shoot a bubblegum brigade artist/lover Club". Come on in, come on in.


  • Um, a few things...

    * Bohemian Rhapsody comes in a no. 9!!!! Are you nuts??!?? It belongs right at the top. Go listento it again, and then do the needful, namely, move it to the top.

    * Crazy is listed twice.

    * There are better Beatles songs that are even better, viz, Strawberry Fields Forever, Elanor Rigby, Paperback Writer etc.

    * Prince sang When Doves Cry better.

    * No Rolling Stones?? I ain't got no satisfaction here, buddy.

    * Summer of 69 is the most irritating song, IMO.

    By Blogger Raju, at 11/21/2004 06:50:00 AM  

  • Raju,

    1. You are on the net a lot and your tastes unlike mine are influenced by what they list on the net as the greatest ever, nothing beats 'stairway to heaven' listen to it first and then talk about Bohemian Rhapsody. B.R is an excellent song but it will never beat S.T.H, p.s. you listen to dumb hindi songs and you dare question the god's taste in rock?? infidel!!

    2. Edited, my mistake. even god's make mistake.

    3. The other beatle songs are more popish and I hate em.

    4. Prince is gay, nuff said.

    5. Again your tastes being influenced by others, I ain't got no satsifaction is listed on many a 'greatest ever' hit lists and that doesn't necessarily mean I will add it to.

    Last but not least, how many of the above songs have you actually listened to?? Only rockers are allowed to comment on this post not some dumb hindi music lover.. ewww

    By Blogger injinuity, at 11/21/2004 09:43:00 AM  

  • * Ok, I concede, I haven't heard STH, but have heard Smells Like Teen Spirit (courtsey you you), and I can say with confidence that BR deserves to be above that. And just cos you have tastes that are wierd and nobody seems to agree with you, it does not mean that they are ecelectic. It can also mean tha tyou are a loser.

    * Ah, the mighty fall. Sweet.

    * Listen to SFF or PW or ER, again, and then tell me that they are more popish. The early Beatles numbers were more popish, but later they were more towards rock.

    * You mean gays can't be rockers?? Is rock so exclusive? I don't think so. Rock is anything but exclusive. And Lenny is a pretender.

    * You haven't listened to ICGNS that's why you say that. Anyway, what I meant here was, you have to listen any other of their songs to find out how good they are. My current fav Rolling Stnoe no. is 'Angie'.

    And lastly, I have listened to quite a number of these songs (surprisingly!!). And given that you don't listen to Hindi music, you can't appretiate it. But seriously, there is some relyy good Hindi music out there, you should listen to it.

    And above all, how sad it is for rock that a self-confessed musically deaf person goes out to defend it?? Is it so bad for rock these days?? *shudder*

    By Blogger Raju, at 11/22/2004 06:58:00 AM  

  • You know, if 6 and 3 swapped places, it would be almost exactly what i would have come up with.. almost

    By Blogger azzslapper, at 11/25/2004 02:06:00 AM  

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