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Friday, October 01, 2004

Under my Skin

Currently I'm listening to Under my skin by Avril Lavigne... to put it mildly I have never liked female artistes (for their music that is ahem ahem)... but there are quite a few exceptions like Anastacia and now Avril Lavigne... she will not make it to the roll of honours at the school of rock but hey its a start..and time is on her side... so she might still... and its artistes like her who keep the ignoble populace hooked to rock.... and as a true hardcore rocker my hats off to her.... her music is quite good too and the fact that she says she will not "sell out" a la the bugglegum brigade likes of Britney is very assuring, her music may help in many a teenybopper conversion to rock... and amen to that.


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