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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Saddam Hussein - Forgotten Hero?

The internet or for that matter the whole media has become mouthpieces of some political entity or other. On account of the excellent work done by the American spin doctors, the media called him a ruthless megalomaniac... but I call him a Hero.

Saddam Hussein Al-Tikriti, the President of the Republic of Iraq, I salute you... and as Saddam himself emphasized at his arraignment I too emphasize the part about him being the President of Iraq. He is the president elect, the people's mandate... he was not impeached or voted out of power by his countrymen and hence he still is the President elect.

I am with the Americans on their war against terror but Saddam has had nothing to do with international terrorism. He never approved of Al Qaeda or Bin Laden au contraire he was a victim of cross border terrorism from Iran aided Kurds. Saddam was never a religious fundamentalist, he gave women freedom and power, minorities like Christians were a part of the Baath party... he is the only secular Arab leader I can think of...

During the Iran-Iraq war, Iraq used chemical weapons against Iranian forces and Kurdish separatists. On March 16, 1988 Iraqi troops, on orders from Saddam to stop a Kurdish uprising, attacked the Kurdish town of Halabjah with a mix of poison gas and nerve agents killing 5000 people, mostly women and children. Dissenting opinions dispute the numbers and have said the incident was actually a battle in the Iran–Iraq war where chemical weapons were used on both sides and a significant portion of the fatalities were caused by the Iranian weapons. When you are dealing with terrorist outfits like the kurds, hard-handed measures are a must and as the president of Iraq, Saddam did what he had to safeguard the interests of his countrymen.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Saddam Hussein never surrendered...he fell into the hands of fighters from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) after he was betrayed by a man belonging to the al-Jabur tribe; they then sedated him and negotiated for political gain before leaving him for the Americans to find.

Yes, he did rule with an iron fist but he served the interest of his country, Iraq a country of a thousand tribes were united under him and were a potent force. He in my books will always be remembered as a great leader.


  • I agree totally with what you say, I hate the war in Iraq, I don't believe America should have violted his sovreignty

    just 1 thing, he did defy human rights, he did persecuted Sha'a muslims, I have read of many accounts of torture.

    By Blogger Benjamin Solah, at 10/16/2004 12:02:00 AM  

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