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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Liverpool F.C - I stand tall with you.

One of the most decorated clubs in the History of football; Liverpool F.C, the club I grew up admiring are trying to regain lost form. There is a new manager and its only natural that it takes some time for him to utilize the full potential of the team, get to know the pros and cons of each player etc. Our games at home have been good but we are struggling away from home.. it was disheartening to see us lose to Man Ure at Old Toilet..err I meant Man Utd at Old Trafford. Though we have had continuous success in the international arena till date; domestic league championship is something that we haven't won for over a decade and its gotten to the point where I'm almost frustrated. But I'm a very loyal person and being the true kop that I am, Liverpool F.C I stand tall with you... you will never walk alone!!! When the transfer window opens in January I hope to see an influx of new stars and by then Raffa and the new players should have settled in well.. and god willing we will win some more silverware.

Since I am on football, it was recently disclosed that Arsenal's new stadium will be named "The Emirates Stadium", the price for the sponsorship deal is rumoured to be around 100 million pounds. This made me think what if Liverpool also did this, we would make a lot of money and would be able to buy a lot of good stars... but then better sense prevailed and I realized that our stadium cannot be named anything other than "Anfield" and no amount of money can influence that decision... and how would the fans feel like touching the "this is emirates" sign rather than "this is anfield" sign??


  • Even with Benitez at the helm I don't see Liverpool progressing as much as the fans would've hoped to. Obviously losing Cisse for the rest of the season was a big blow but even with the players they've got they dont really compare to the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal or Man Utd. With the exception of Gerrad (who i seriously doubt will be at Anfield at the start of next season), Alonso and Hyppia ,there's no world class players in the current Liverpool lineup. And if Gerrad was to leave , then thats it ....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/04/2005 04:18:00 AM  

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