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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry

I was watching the last round of American presidential debates and was quite impressed by Kerry, he is a true diplomat. He gave a befitting answer to a question that could either break or make him. On being asked, ”what is your opinion about channeling the taxpayers money towards killing of unborn babies"... Kerry replied that he is a catholic, brought up with catholic views himself, has been an altar boy but as the President, when he makes legislations which affects individuals of all religious denominations; he cannot let his faith be the over-ruling factor. Kerry won this round of the debate too in my opinion.

Where Bush wins is in 'conviction'... whether right or wrong; Bush has convictions whereas Kerry seems too 'wishy washy'... I like Bush, he has that evil smirk on his face which I like..haha.. I know its horrible to elect somebody on account of that but hey I'm not an American citizen and hence I can without looking at the repercussions.


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