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Friday, September 03, 2004

A very close call

Yesterday, I was coming back late in the night from Industrial Area and as always pedal to the metal... it was very dark, no street lights, I should have known better than to speed in such situations but alas me mind was on vacation. To make it short, I was speeding and went over a roundabout at street 15... and yes that is correct I went over a roundabout... didn't see the roundabout as there were no street lights.. .by the time I saw it and braked it was too late, I skidded and went on top of the roundabout.. to my surprise the roundabout was only half complete, it was plain and there was nothing on top to collide with.. so what do I do... Pedal to the metal again baby... and went off the roundabout.... whoooaaah what an adrenaline rush... after I came down from the roundabout I parked to check me Jeep for damages and thankfully there were none... passersby were all shocked to see a Jeep go over a roundabout and then land safely... they all thought that I did it on purpose hahha.... at times like these I wish I had a Hummer.

The last time I attributed me escape to my reflexes and ABS system, this time it was just pure luck that the roundabout was not complete and also hey if "God be for you then who can be against you ?" Anyways that’s it no more speeding, period.


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