Unadulterated Arrogance

Friday, September 17, 2004


It seems that almost all the celebrity couples are headed directly for Splitsville. It saddens me to see the disdain with which the sanctity of matrimony is dealt with.. marriages are sacrosanct and should be treated as such.

The main reason for most unsuccessful relationships in my opinion is the perspective and approach. Nowadays a 50-50 relationship is the norm and this is the core of the problem. I have always felt that a 50-50 relationship spells doom in the long run. With a 50-50 relationship its an endless tug of war... I believe more in the 60-40 relationship where one partner dominates 60% of the time while the other 40% of the time. Here one will have to give in a little more than the other but atleast there will be a smooth flow between the two till death do them part.


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