Unadulterated Arrogance

Friday, September 17, 2004

Hatred for pop music.

Pop music is defined as "music pleasing to or favored by many or most people," - Macmillan Dictionary for Students

Jesus Christ on a Harley Davidson, I didn't know that many or most people have horrendous taste in music. Only ten year old girls listen to pop music. When I hear friends or anybody listening to pop music I just shudder. Pop artists rely on computers for their music; moreover if you are a pop lover please don't idolize these gay bands.. err boy bands or other girl bands, if you like the songs then send a note of recognition to that potbellied drunk behind the curtains who actually write their songs. Pop singers are just puppets, singing songs written by others with voices altered by computers.

I don't listen to anything other than rock. For me rock is very soothing. I can easily fall into deep slumber listening to Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple. Rock has soul and passion. Pop on the other hand is the prostitution of music. The bubblegum brigade as I like to refer to then will soon fade out; it will not last the sands of time; au contraire rock songs from the '60s are still POPular today. Rock on baby.. rock on.


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