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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Guilt no more

Around a fortnight back I went to see the movie "Bourne Supremacy" with a friend of mine. While I was parking my car one guy came by and told me that he had come to Qatar from Oman via the road, his wallet was stolen and if I could help him. One look at him and you would know that he was the master of skullduggery but he pointed to his kid in the car and said that he needed money for the kid too. Half of my mind said, "give him some money, whats a few bucks to you give it to him".. but I have this thing about being taken for a ride and hence refused him... he then got on his car and went off... when he drove away I noticed that his plates were Omani.. so I started thinking whether he was telling the truth or not. I could care less whether he starved to death or not but the thought of that little kid kept haunting me time and time again. Today I saw a car pull side by side with mine at the T.V roundabout with full music blaring and lo and behold it was that same old guy. Now I'm sure that he was also a fraud and hence me pangs of guilt are put to rest.


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