Unadulterated Arrogance

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A DRrring to it

My C.V reads, "Education - Masters in Business Administration (Finance & Marketing), Postgraduate Degree in computer applications, Diploma in computerized financial accounting"... me am well qualified and doing what I should be doing.. am Manager - Administration in a company based in Qatar. But me am not satisfied.... I want to finish off me PHD.... have registered a long time back but haven't submitted even the first papers .. I now have this extreme urge to finish off me PHD.... No.. not because I can learn more.... Knowledge is good but I have enough and more business knowledge already and only experience can add to it; not books.... and No..not for career growth either.. a PHD will not make a world of difference yet... then why.. well just for the sheer narcissistic pleasure of being better qualified than 98% of the population.. and Dr. Jinu Johnson does have a nice ring to it....


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