Unadulterated Arrogance

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A DRrring to it

My C.V reads, "Education - Masters in Business Administration (Finance & Marketing), Postgraduate Degree in computer applications, Diploma in computerized financial accounting"... me am well qualified and doing what I should be doing.. am Manager - Administration in a company based in Qatar. But me am not satisfied.... I want to finish off me PHD.... have registered a long time back but haven't submitted even the first papers .. I now have this extreme urge to finish off me PHD.... No.. not because I can learn more.... Knowledge is good but I have enough and more business knowledge already and only experience can add to it; not books.... and No..not for career growth either.. a PHD will not make a world of difference yet... then why.. well just for the sheer narcissistic pleasure of being better qualified than 98% of the population.. and Dr. Jinu Johnson does have a nice ring to it....

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Wireless & Penniless

Today me am totally wireless; bought a top notch handsfree kit for the Jeep but it cost a bomb and now am penniless. Have been planning to buy a handsfree kit for sometime now. For someone who uses the cell phone for an average of more than 2 hours per day it’s a very late buy… should have bought it a long time back. It's more of a necessity for me rather than a luxury. But the sad part is that SonyEricsson accessories are exorbitant. But my brand is SonyEricsson, I only use S.E phones, Nokias are for plebeians and not for true technocrats.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Elusive webslinger

For the last three days me been wanting to go for Spiderman 2; it is supposedly a good movie and worth a watch. Wednesday night I planned to go out with a friend, we sat and talked late in the night and missed the show. Thursday night I planned it with Rajesh but alas that too didnt work out and we went out for online gaming till 3 in the morning. I was all ready to watch it yesterday night but when we reached the theatre at landmark it seems that there was no midnight show yesterday; so went to play pool at Hotshots. 2 years have passed since I last played pool and was a bit rusty; I have hence decided to play pool alteast once a week to get that old touch back. I have now lost the interest to see spidey, its not a case of sour grapes but somehow the sheen has worn out.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Sashaying with sushi

For quite some time now, me and Rajesh have been sashaying with the idea of experimenting with sushi. The thought about consuming raw fish is revolting to say the least but then again its something that I have not tried till date and hell bent on it now. We went to this jap restaurant downtown but alas they didn't serve sushi. I've been told that you get good sushi at The Hotel Intercontinental ,Doha.... I rarely visit Five star hotels except on occasions and never to satiate a craving.. but if that's what it takes to get me my sushi; then so be it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Gandhi's Prisoner

Mahatma Gandhi's iron-fisted control over the life of his son is the focus of a newly-released book in South Africa, written by his great granddaughter.

Controversially titled 'Gandhi's Prisoner? The Life of Gandhi's Son, Manilal', the 400-page book released last week is written by Uma Dhuphelia-Mesthrie and explores the Gandhi family's early years in South Africa in the early 1900s.

"Manilal didn't have a choice. He wanted to be a doctor but Gandhi didn't allow him to study at all. He would have liked to marry a particular woman but his father wouldn't allow that," Dhuphelia-Mesthrie told AFP.

Gandhi is supposedly synonymous with freedom and here he is denying the freedom to his own son, Gandhi in my opinion is nothing more than a P.R ploy, he wanted to make headlines. He could have saved India by wearing normal Indian clothes; but he chose to dress like a beggar... why?..just for the attention.. he was a megalomaniac..Period!!!! Gandhi left South Africa with his family in 1914 but sent Manilal, the second of four boys, back to keep his legacy alive. If Gandhi was only interested in the Indian freedom struggle, he should have not let his son go back, his son should have stayed back and fought for India. Gandhi was not a saint but a political genius... I never liked the guy and never will.... Japan became a world economic power after the WWII... if it weren't for Gandhi we would also have reached that status long before... but kudos are due to Indira Gandhi for setting India back into the position of becoming a world power. May his soul rest in peace but I still despise Mahatma Gandhi.. SIEG HAIL

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A teetotaller in the tavern

I'm a teetotaller, don't booze or smoke... I really can't understand why people booze or smoke.. all drinkers/smokers are of the opinion that I am missing out on something.. well I don't want to poison me body mate.. and in all probability they too don't want to but are so addicted that they can't stop... and how did they get addicted?.. peer pressure I say. Being extremely confident of myself, peer pressure was not something that I ever took into consideration and hence never indulged in smoking or drinking.

Having said that I am a teetotaller I have to admit that I don't mind pouring the drinks, any party and I'd be the first one to bring a bottle though I don't drink.. I have no qualms about visiting a pub guess its coz all me friends are drunks... but I don't get the fascination with booze.... you drink, get up with a hangover, whats the point.. the only way to avoid a hangover is to stay drunk.

A mans word

I am a man of my word, if I say something its as good as done. But this axiom applies only in my personal life. When it comes to business I'm the exact opposite. I'm trying to justify the same to my conscience. I guess I can justify it on account that alls fair in business. In my personal life, when I say it will be done it implies that its as good as done but in business, my words have no meaning... I might promise something and then do the reverse... sometimes I feel that I'm losing my integrity with hardcore business tactics but then again I have no remorse for the same which would attribute to a 300% growth of our company in the last year... all I can say to me detractors right now is to not judge me on the basis of my business antics but more on a personal level, as in my personal life I'm a man of my word.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Tete-a-tete with princess

Been a long time since I had a long conversation with me baby girl. Today after a long gap I had tete-a-tete with her. She is still chirpy as ever. It seems that she is getting more stubborn day by day. She is now being royally pampered and she is making the most out of it...smart girl I say... talking to her one would never guess that she is an octagenerian and quite ill.. thats my baby girl for ya.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Hatred for pop music.

Pop music is defined as "music pleasing to or favored by many or most people," - Macmillan Dictionary for Students

Jesus Christ on a Harley Davidson, I didn't know that many or most people have horrendous taste in music. Only ten year old girls listen to pop music. When I hear friends or anybody listening to pop music I just shudder. Pop artists rely on computers for their music; moreover if you are a pop lover please don't idolize these gay bands.. err boy bands or other girl bands, if you like the songs then send a note of recognition to that potbellied drunk behind the curtains who actually write their songs. Pop singers are just puppets, singing songs written by others with voices altered by computers.

I don't listen to anything other than rock. For me rock is very soothing. I can easily fall into deep slumber listening to Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple. Rock has soul and passion. Pop on the other hand is the prostitution of music. The bubblegum brigade as I like to refer to then will soon fade out; it will not last the sands of time; au contraire rock songs from the '60s are still POPular today. Rock on baby.. rock on.


It seems that almost all the celebrity couples are headed directly for Splitsville. It saddens me to see the disdain with which the sanctity of matrimony is dealt with.. marriages are sacrosanct and should be treated as such.

The main reason for most unsuccessful relationships in my opinion is the perspective and approach. Nowadays a 50-50 relationship is the norm and this is the core of the problem. I have always felt that a 50-50 relationship spells doom in the long run. With a 50-50 relationship its an endless tug of war... I believe more in the 60-40 relationship where one partner dominates 60% of the time while the other 40% of the time. Here one will have to give in a little more than the other but atleast there will be a smooth flow between the two till death do them part.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


I am an ardent animal rights activist, a member of the World Wildlife Fund, supporter of GreenPeace International as well. Recently there was a discussion on a bulletin board that I frequent about the killing of cats in the name of art. There was a hue and cry about it but I refrained from condemning the act. Why?.. well its because I have this inherent HATRED for cats.

My philosophy on cats,"Feed a dog and it thinks you are god, feed a cat and it thinks it is god". Cats are pure evil.. plain and simple. I cannot comprehend why there are so many lovers of this absurd species. Cats have no sense of gratitude and loyalty... on the other hand dogs are so sweet... I wouldn't mind having a dozen dogs around the house.... they are so loveable and huggable... feed a dog once and it will wag its tail everytime it sees you till it dies and goes to dog heaven. Pondering more on the topic I realize that, take away my extreme sense of loyalty and gratitude and I too am more like a cat...hmmmmmmmm......

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Good manners

One thing that I find extremely wanting in Qatar is good manners. A "good morning", "thank you", "good night" etc. makes a world of difference. A thorough professional should behave courteously, then again I find professionalism even more lacking in this part of the world.

One of my biggest gripes is that in Qatar, rarely does someone ask you to sit down if you walk into their office. Someone walks into mine and the first thing that I do is to offer him/her a seat. But umpteen times have I walked into other offices without being offered a seat, so what do I do? Do I keep standing? Hell no.. I simply ask, "may I have a seat" and then sit down.

I have also noticed the look on waiters faces when I say a thank you when they deliver the food... they brighten up... here people order the food, get it served by the waiters and that's it... no thank you.. no nothing.... somebody should embark on a "Good manners for Qatar" mission. Good manners show your level of professionalism, maturity and pedigree.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Existence of God

Me, arrogant? - yes, narcissistic? - yes, to an extend, but what ppl fail to believe is that a person with such qualities can be religious also. Yes, I am a devout Christian and I am proud of it. There are many atheists out there who want proof of existence of God, well in my opinion its the faith alone that counts and not facts but nevertheless here are a few arguments in support:

The first purported proof of the existence of God is the ontological argument. The ontological argument seeks to prove the existence of God from the laws of logic alone. It dates back to St Anselm, an eleventh century philosopher-theologian and archbishop of Canterbury, but was also used by the French philosopher René Descartes. It argues that once we mentally grasp the concept of God we can see that God’s non-existence is impossible. This argument, if it is successful, demonstrates the existence of a perfect being that could not possibly fail to exist.

The second purported proof of the existence of God is the first cause argument, also called “the cosmological argument”. The first cause argument seeks to prove the existence of God from the fact that the universe exists. The universe came into existence at a point in the distant past. Nothing can come into existence, though, unless there is something to bring it into existence; nothing comes from nothing. There must therefore be some being outside of the universe that caused the universe to exist. This argument, if it is successful, demonstrates the existence of a Creator that transcends time, that has neither beginning nor end.

The third purported proof of the existence of God is the argument from design, also called “the teleological argument”. The argument from design seeks to prove the existence of God from the fact that the universe is ordered. The universe could have been different in many ways. It could have had different laws of physics; it could have had a different arrangement of planets and stars; it could have begun with a more powerful or a weaker big bang. The vast majority of these possible universes would not have allowed for the existence of life, so we are very fortunate indeed to have a universe that does. On an atheistic world-view, there is no way to explain this good fortune; the atheist must put this down to chance. On the view that God exists, though, we can explain why the universe is the way that it is; it is because God created the universe with beings like us in mind. This argument, if it is successful, strongly suggests the existence of a Creator that takes an interest in humanity.

The fourth purported proof of the existence of God is the moral argument. The moral argument seeks to prove the existence of God from the fact that there are moral laws. Moral laws have the form of commands; they tell us what to do. Commands can’t exist without a commander though, so who is it that commands us to behave morally? To answer this, we only need to look at the authoritative nature of morality. Commands are only as authoritative as is the one that commands them; a command of a ruler carries more authority than a command of a citizen. Moral commands, though, have ultimate authority; they are to be obeyed under all circumstances. Their authority transcends all human authority, and they must therefore have been commanded by a being whose authority transcends all human authority. The existence of moral laws, the argument concludes, thus demonstrates the existence of a being that is greater than any of us and that rules over all creation.

Together, then, these arguments claim to prove the existence of a perfect, necessary, transcendent being that created the universe, has authority over it, and takes an interest in humanity. This, if it could be accomplished, would be more than enough to show that the conception of God, and those conceptions of God related to it, are close to the truth.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Small screen Superman

I like watching the T.V show "Angel", immediately after 'angel' was aired yesterday, "Smallville" came on.. its a mediocre series but something in it struck me. Kristin Kreuk looks like the girl of me dreams.. she is classy, intellectual, cute but au contraire it was Allison Mack who got all me attention. awww she is so sweet; the girl next door; very goofy... hmm made me wonder if me tastes are changing but then again when I realized that I'd rather be Lex Luthor than Superman anyday my doubts were cleared that I haven't changed... amen to that... now why would someone want to change perfection eh?

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Sister Act.

Been inundated with stories about the Williams sisters coming out with their own line of apparel, I used to watch women's tennis and I highlight the word 'used to'; till the advent of the Williams sisters. One look at them and I recall one of me fav songs by "KISS", its called "The psycho circus"... but actually that's not what comes to mind... its "Ghetto Circus".. they talk trash, a testosterone filled game; grunting more than most of the male counterparts. I used to be an ardent supporter of Steffi Graf.. now she had an elegance and finesse about her game which these two sorely lack. I cannot comprehend why ppl find them alluring while I find them utterly repulsive. Look at the evolution, Chris Evert > Martina Navratilova > Steffi Graf > Seles/Hingis> The Williams Sisters ... its akin to saying that the Human evolution has gone back anti clockwise to the primate era.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Guilt no more

Around a fortnight back I went to see the movie "Bourne Supremacy" with a friend of mine. While I was parking my car one guy came by and told me that he had come to Qatar from Oman via the road, his wallet was stolen and if I could help him. One look at him and you would know that he was the master of skullduggery but he pointed to his kid in the car and said that he needed money for the kid too. Half of my mind said, "give him some money, whats a few bucks to you give it to him".. but I have this thing about being taken for a ride and hence refused him... he then got on his car and went off... when he drove away I noticed that his plates were Omani.. so I started thinking whether he was telling the truth or not. I could care less whether he starved to death or not but the thought of that little kid kept haunting me time and time again. Today I saw a car pull side by side with mine at the T.V roundabout with full music blaring and lo and behold it was that same old guy. Now I'm sure that he was also a fraud and hence me pangs of guilt are put to rest.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Royal Affairs.

I have always believed that Princess of Wales, Diana was a slut, she has slept with everybody from her bodyguard to her horse trainer and hell maybe even the horse. The boduguard was disposed off by the royal family, amen to that. Now there is news that Prince Philip might have cheated on Queen Elizabeth II. You people are the epitome of class and aristocracy, how can you stoop so low?? One would expect plebians to indulge in it and not royalty, guess my presumptions are wrong eh?

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Starbucks - The good 'ol days

A few days ago I was at Starbucks with a friend of mine who also happens to be a coffee connoisseur. We love our cup of coffee... we walked into starbucks and I was appalled at the ambience.... Filled with these squeaky voiced philipino females and a bunch of morons out there trying to get lucky with one of em. Its the same at almost all the starbucks chains. My request to all the philipino whores out there, please please stay away from starbucks, make some other place your favourite pickup point, me just want to walk in with a mate or two and half some decent coffee like the good ol days.

P.S: You will have to shoot me before I start saying "venti" instead of "Large", why can't it be just small, medium and large ?

Mission Accomplished

When I left India, my cousin brother took care of all our rubber estates and plantations in kerala, not to mention my princess. Now that me pops has retired and returned to kerala, the onus was on me to find a good job for me cousin and get him settled down. Gratitude and loyalty are my greatest and only virtues, since he spend a lot of time for us I made it a point to get him a good job for him here in Qatar. The visas for Indians are extremely hard to come by, you may say that its impossible but I pulled a lot of strings and finally got him a visa. He is now well employed and this month he got his first paycheque. Mission accomplished, roger and out !!

Friday, September 03, 2004

A very close call

Yesterday, I was coming back late in the night from Industrial Area and as always pedal to the metal... it was very dark, no street lights, I should have known better than to speed in such situations but alas me mind was on vacation. To make it short, I was speeding and went over a roundabout at street 15... and yes that is correct I went over a roundabout... didn't see the roundabout as there were no street lights.. .by the time I saw it and braked it was too late, I skidded and went on top of the roundabout.. to my surprise the roundabout was only half complete, it was plain and there was nothing on top to collide with.. so what do I do... Pedal to the metal again baby... and went off the roundabout.... whoooaaah what an adrenaline rush... after I came down from the roundabout I parked to check me Jeep for damages and thankfully there were none... passersby were all shocked to see a Jeep go over a roundabout and then land safely... they all thought that I did it on purpose hahha.... at times like these I wish I had a Hummer.

The last time I attributed me escape to my reflexes and ABS system, this time it was just pure luck that the roundabout was not complete and also hey if "God be for you then who can be against you ?" Anyways that’s it no more speeding, period.

Home Improvement

Today afternoon I was watching 'Home Improvement' after a gap of around 2 years. The old reruns are on Star World. I like the show a lot mainly on account of the fact that I can relate a lot to the main character played by Tim Allen. The character he plays is identical to me in the sense that we both are gadget freaks, I love gadjets, alike him I too have the policy of reading instructions only when all else fails. He is a family man, loves kids and family, spends a lot of time on building his hot rod all of which I can relate to... Anyways its a nice show in totality ..

Take no prisoners

Russian commandos stormed the besieged school and took out the terrorists, now that's the kind of attitude that I like to see. This is the only way to deal with situations like this. Putin came on T.V and promised that there would be no use of force and then when the time was ripe showed no mercy and took out the bandits. Bravo Vladimir, Bravo!!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Once in a while you get severe cravings for chocolates etc. which is completely normal. But I for one am prone to pangs of stuff out of the ordinary. For a few weeks now I'm having this inkling to buy a pinstripe suit. I don't know if pinstripes are back in vogue or not but I for one would like to pick one up as soon as possible.

To Do list:

#47 Buy a pinstripe suit.