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Friday, August 20, 2004

Winds of changes

Was again catching up on the world of financial affairs at Economictimes and was really surprised at two articles that I came across. The first one is about infidelity, the justification of the same and the second one is professional success from divorce. I can't relate to neither the former nor the latter.

Infidelity is something I abhor and something I can't justify no matter how much insecurity or emotional imbalances caused by physical distances etc. I have the same views w.r.t divorce; with divorce you are mentally distraught and will not be able to concentrate as much as the article says you will be and will not achieve that success.

Both are ways of escapism from reality and sooner or later it will just blow up. The sanctity of marriage is to be protected at all cost and both partners should be party to the same nolens volens. But what is more disturbing is the fact that the views so expressed in the online daily are of mainstream magnitude and not limited to a few. How has the cultural tide shifted so quickly in India. As the scorpions once sang - Winds of changes.


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