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Monday, August 23, 2004

Privy paraphernalia reviews part I - fastmail.fm

Thought I should start reviewing me personal belongings that has made an impact in me day to to day routine so as not to forget em in the coming years. This is me first review and let me start with me favourite email service fastmail.fm It has evolved into one of the finest email service providers out there... but it still caters to a very niche market of technocrats while the majority of the plebeians still use yahoo.com or even hotmail.com ..

When I was back in college and totally jobless I loved making style sheets for fastmail, well me style sheets are now officially recognized .. before the advent of gmail and the 1 GB club Fastmail was one place where storage space was in abundance, it still is in me opinion . The ability to have custom "from addresses" in the compose screen, IMAP/Pop3, SMTP, sub domain addressing, server side sieve scripting, online storage space, ability to host own MX records make it a one of a kind email service. As I always say, quality comes at a price and to get the best out of this service its good to have a paid account with all the options rather than a free "guest" account.


  • Dude, the fastmail service seems pretty interesting on the outset. In fact, I have heard praises for it on many online forums. But quite frankly, Google is the uber geek right now, and its all about being in the right company. And my yahoo serves me pretty well.
    So which of the stylesheets of fastmail did you design?

    By Blogger Raju, at 8/24/2004 06:14:00 AM  

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