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Friday, August 27, 2004

My princess

Today me am an emotional basketcase. Its me baby girl's birthday; she turns 82, everybody remembers her birthday as she was born on Onam Day, the traditional festival of harvest. I treat her more like a daughter than my grandmother. I miss her a lot. She is most definitely the love of me life. The last few years that I spend with her were like paradise on earth. She gave me unconditional love, no questions asked and in all probability I will never get that ever again in my life.

She was always there for me in spirit, I love getting a warm hug from her. Whenever I felt lonely I would just run to her like a little kid and get a warm hug. I remember the first time I wrecked my jeep, I came back home, snuggled into her bed and dozed off. During exams I have this tendency to stay awake whole night, she would also stay awake and make sure that I slept alteast a little. We used to have so much fun together, I made it a point to make her as happy as possible. Used to buy her chocolates and ice creams; she just loved ice creams. Her whole life revolved around me, making sure I ate on time, slept on time. All my friends also love her very much, whenever one of me mates would come home they would bring ice cream or chocolates with them. I just miss getting a hug from her.

Like a don with a few henchmen, my baby also has a group of right hand women who are always with her and the only thing princess has asked me is that they should be well taken care of even after she is no more... this I have promised and will keep this promise till the day I breathe my last.

She is such a chatterbox, and she remembers everything from her childhood. Its fun talking to her and irritating her. My sister and dad are now in India and whenever they take me name she starts sobbing so they don't mention me name much nowadays. I have decided that if I have a daughter I will name her after my princess - Sara , Sara Johnson; so be it.


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