Unadulterated Arrogance

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Mr "Ten minutes" Johnson

Today a nick name of mine that I thought only the people in me company knew was used by a manager of the biggest construction company in Qatar. Over the year I have picked up the nickname 10M... short for ten minutes... anybody calls me up with any problem whatsoever and my immediate retort is "I will call my people and have it sorted out in ten minutes".. this ten minutes of mine has been known to take from ten hours to ten days at times... but have to be fair to myself.. on an average when I say ten minutes I do get the problems sorted out in ten minutes.... anways this chap called me up and once again I assured him that within ten minutes it would be sorted out and he is like Mr 10m I know your ten minutes... now that me am caught will have to stop using that... just at office in front of the p.c now.. off for a meeting.... so double J out.


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