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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Movies galore

Theres movies galore but nothing that seems to interest me.. been wanting to see a good movie for a month or so but nothing good seems to be coming out... I'd just love to watch some anti hero themed movies again.... been a long time.. hope something comes out.

The day was mundane, the drive home back wasn't. Raped me car today, totallly raped i.e was averaging around 200 today for over half an hour, taking the corners at 120 plus, I might have worn a piston or two out. There was this Qatari on a mustang who was faster but hey even he is not crazy to take corners and the roundabouts at the speed I do. Mine is a brand new car, now that I've raped it..I feel I shouldn't have. Will get it checked in a few days just to make sure theres no real damage.


  • Watch it there, dude. Speed thrill, but kills. :)
    Anyways, I dropped by to tell you that you were quite accurate about teh Doha-Messaid road. Yeah bro, it has improved. Drove it last night at around 11, and it certainly was a pleasure drive. But, and its a very valid but, the Doha-Al Khor road, in addition to being good, is also less crowded. Its one long straight line without any roundabouts. What thrill!! And yes, I agree with you about he Slawa road. Its super-shit.
    But you take care, bro.

    By Blogger Raju, at 8/19/2004 08:58:00 AM  

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