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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Long live the Ranvir Sena

My political allegiance lies with whichever party is in power. I'm not a loyalist of any political entity, but having said that I for one very much empathise with the Ranvir Sena ... in any battle of gigantic proportions viz a viz a David and Goliath fight, the tendency for most is to support the underdog. This is one outfit that fights for Goliath!! Ranvir Sena represents capitalism at its best I tell ya.

Talking about politics, I hear that George Bush is performing well in the polls for re-election to the white house and I for one can't comprehend why are the Americans so dumb as to vote for him again. From a surplus of 100 billion to a deficit of circa 400 billion from the day he took oath as the president of America!! Now that's statistics for you. But to his credit he seems to have more personality than "Mr. Dull" John Kerry. From what I gather he is also a Republican in a democrat guise. So whichever way America votes they are doomed.


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