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Friday, August 06, 2004

In full swing

Me went jogging for around 2 hours today at the corniche here, me now in full swing to get back in shape. When I started working out a few years back I was only interested in getting a bulky physique, which was easy.. toning it and maintaining it seems to be much much harder... the problem with weight training is that once you stop all the bulk that you put on just loosens up as is the case with me now. Even now I still have that broad shoulders, well built chest but without regular excercise for the past 3 years plus me waistline is on an expansion spree which I will put a stop too. One of the advantages of working out since childhood is that my muscles are already accustomed to weight training and hence I don't feel that sore and pain that newcomers to the sport feel. This is day four... approx six months more to see if I am successfull or not.


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