Unadulterated Arrogance

Monday, August 30, 2004

Guns blazing

For a few days me having a small problem with a client which hitherto could not be solved by reasoning and in such situations what do I do, I pull out the big guns a.k.a the sponsor of my company. Picture a western movie, two cowboys are in a deserted yard, the duel is on and the one with the fastest draw will win, each has a revolver in the holster and all of a sudden one pulls out a kalashnikov and decimates the other. That’s the kind of situation that happened today, once I pull out my big guns and me boss calls all the top guys in the country, reasoning takes a back seat and whatever I want will be done and the manager of the other company had to relent today. Hey I know its unethical but then again whoever said that I believed in ethics.

Taking a small break now, need to wind up a little bit and so am on the net, have a bundle of resumes on table, have to recruit a dozen or so workers immediately and will be tied up with that for the remainder of the day.


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