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Monday, August 16, 2004

C.N.Hilton turning in his grave

Conrad Nicholson Hilton must be turning in his grave now. One of the most successful businessmen of the 20th century disgraced by his own blood a la Paris Hilton his grand daughter. The only thing Paris Hilton has to be proud of is her lineage. (err cleavage too but lets not get into that).... she is basically a slut with everyday one or the other sex scandals about her coming to light. You would expect someone with her lineage to be of a person with class rather than a slut. Journalists are having a blast with headlines like "a night in Paris" etc etc. Creative juices are flowing I tell ya. The last time I remembered such a neat heading was when the British paper "The Sun" that came with the headline on the crash of princess Diana (another slut in me opinion).. it carried the headline "Dodi Al Fayed- lived like a king and died with a princess".. back to topic.. I'm really dismayed at the utter lack of class and smut in the world now!!!


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