Unadulterated Arrogance

Sunday, August 22, 2004

A class apart

Two things really got on me nerves today.. first and foremost its about the lack of class.. well who, where, why etc I leave in the annals of me memory, but the fact remains that class is something innate.. you are born with it.. having money will not necessarily mean that you are classy.. the most crass is witnessed in the nouveau riche and I have to agree whole heartedly in view of the events that unfolded today.

The second thing that really irritated me today is me passport. I applied for a new passport, today I finally got it.. and to me surprise nothing has changed since me old passport which was issued around 10 years back.. the same old format.. Jesus Christ on a Harley Davidson, even the Syrian passport is much better in terms of looks. The personal details are handwritten across the passport and to top it all the specimen signature from the application form is cut and pasted across the photo... ad nauseum mate... ad nauseum


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