Unadulterated Arrogance

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Bird Watching

When I was in college, 'bird watching' was the term used when a bunch of jocks go out and start oogling at girls.. but me never indulged in it.. always told me friends that "I'm Jinu.J girls come to watch me mate... !!"... I rephrase me sentence.. never indulged in bird watching till I came to Qatar that is..

Nowadays I indulge in it a lot, enroute to me house from doha proper there is the Bentley Doha Show room.. when its really late and when there is parking space in front of the show room.. I always stop for a few minutes/hours just staring at the four wheeled beauties.... I was reading an article about the Bentley Arnage Mulliner Continental and my eyes became watery... sniff sniff.. what a sentimental ol fool me am... the only car that comes near to this beauty is the Brabus modified Maybach.


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