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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Morgan Stanley sued for..

Morgan Stanley, the world's second-biggest securities firm, has agreed to pay $54 million to settle a sex-bias suit, said a New York Times report.Allison Schieffelin, 42, a former bond saleswoman whose 1998 complaint to the EEOC led to the sex-bias suit against Morgan Stanley, is set to obtain $12 million from the settlement.

I'm definitely against sexual harassment of all kinds but I feel there is an increasing tendancy of misusing the priviliges of being a lady. If someone acts rough with you, tell him to take a hike, sue him for actualy damages. What warrants a 12 mil damage suit and that too for a bond sales woman.

Another disturbing factor nowadays is "kiss and tell", easiest way to make money is to sleep with someone famous and then write a book a about it, go on talk shows a la Rebecca Loos et al.

On the same note I also hate feminists who say men demean women by depicting them in skimpy clothes in movies.. ahem one question if it is so demeaning then why are the women in the flicks doing it????.. its all about the money honey.. all about the money.


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