Unadulterated Arrogance

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The iron fist.

I am a very reasonable person but sometimes I don't like to budge from the stance that I take whether it be for better or worse. the thing that I hate the most is ingratitude. If you pay a labour a million bucks today and tomorrow you don't give his overtime, he will stand back and abuse you. Its the labour mentality. Something of the sort happened today. It ended up going to the sponsor of me company, he called me up and asked me what was up and that was the final straw, I told him that I want them cancelled and sent back to their respective countries and will not take em back into the company at any cost, I have full freedom to do what I like and hence these 12 morons who thought they could do what the unions do in India are packed off tomorrow morning. Since the work stoppage was on account of their actions, me won't pay their salaries and deduct the cost of fare from them. Its harsh, its cold hearted... but so be it... someday maybe when I'm more mature hopefully I will develop more compassion.


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