Unadulterated Arrogance

Monday, July 26, 2004

Cabled in..err caved in

Me forgot to pay the cable bills, it got disconnected yesterday. Since it was an off for momsy she was royally mad at me, was royally blasted by her. Well today I went to pay the bills but the funniest thing happened; at the Al Saad Qtel Office, car parking is hard to come by and especially so if you are on a big offroader like me. Finally I saw a car pull out and went for it, to me surprise another car raced for the same spot at the same time. I wouldnt budge and neither would he and another car pulled inbetween us and took the spot. The same thing happened again. The third time we saw two cars pulling out from the parking lot and we both got to par. After parking the car, myself and the driver of the other car, a Qatari with whom I had the standoff met up at the entrance of Qtel, thinking of what we had done, all the traffic jam that we caused, we both started laughing loudly. Next time me will go to another Qtel office with car parking space.


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